Regretfully, all products are under re-development, migrating from  a modest WINDOWS-XP, VB6 and Access to WINDOWS7 with VB.NET but most are available as a 'Service'. But here is a preview of the products I offer in brief.


Application for Road design with simple data in Excel and output in AutoCAD.


Application to work out rates of various civil engineering work items useful for Bill of Quantities and Bill of Materials.


Application to draw any steel angle, channel or I section with exact dimensions in AutoCAD with one click selection.


Application to calculate steel required for a building from its RCC design, very useful for Civil Engineers to avoid panic at the last moment while performing RCC works.


Application to draw center-line plan of any RCC drawing. You can switch sides and get dimensions from any side.


Application to change line-weight of selected objects in AutoCAD ignoring its layer settings quickly for draft prints to final presentation drawings.


Application to calculate and manage site-wise accounts including material management. Unfortunately, it is no more available due to constant changes in tax values and taxation calculations. Sorry folks!

Data Management

Having a PC and using a pen-drive to keep it does not mean you saved your data correctly. Please read more in the services section.