Business Profile

Looks don't matter, work does! This fellow does all the work here along with local contractors for local constructions. He is the one who founded this company and kept it running for more than 20 years.

He passed his Civil Engineering Degree in flying colors from Government College of Engineering Pune in 1993. He never worked under anybody and started providing small services like Building Drawings, Detailed Working Drawings, Plumbing and Electrical Layouts for bungalows. With his plotter he provided prints of all the above in sizes ranging from simple A4 to large A0.

Having got a start, he decided to work with Government and Semi - Government Agencies. Costing and Estimating, preparing Tenders and Detailed Estimates for all types of structures whether buildings, water tanks, small to large dams and so on, he has done it all. In the mean time he became adept at AutoCAD along with AutoLISP programming. He has worked for numerous such structures where he designed as an architect, provided structural design along with all detailed drawings, estimates and 3D images not to forget presentations of all the above sometimes using Microsoft Presentation, sometimes using Flash, sometimes using Adobe Premier.

Now he prefers private parties for building works and government, other parties for consulting services excluding structural design which he delegates to someone better than him. Recycling with full solutions for Solid Waste Management, Solar Energy are his current major activities of consulting and execution.

Programming in VB6 with ActiveX and VBA, AutoLISP are his most valuable additions and he keeps on learning something new with every project of any type and strongly believes in continuous improvement through experience. Currently he is 46 years old.

Personal Profile

A person with many skills 

Programming which started as a hobby with AutoLISP has become more serious as he provides services based upon his software products developed using VB6 and VBA, Some of the products are for sale, while some are services only. In his spare time time, he draws sketches, cartoons, does electronic projects  using ICs or Arduino processor for students, Ph.D. aspirants and plays Thrash Metal Rhythm Guitars when he ultimately gets bored from everything else. Come on, how much work do you expect from a guy!

And yes! He is also a visiting faculty at some engineering colleges. What a challenging life!

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